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IN our opinion Hometrak was a very nice solution. The guys we met in Vegas, I think they were the “Steve’s” were both very nice and they have built a good scheduling and billing solution. Lots of features and can accommodate even very difficult scheduling scenarios. Scheduling is typically the item we feel most important for the software to¬† do well.

However if you use the latest version, enjoy how nice and pretty it is but get a powerful server or desktop to run it. We ran the demo on the same machine as the previouse version and the change in performance was extremely noticable. If you are doing your own payroll make sure you have the staff for manual entry if you pay miles and misc expenses. Quickbooks integration does not push the misc expense data over.

Overall we can recommend this product. Clients we spoke to all like the software and the support.

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  1. The latest version of this software came out about 4 months ago and while it is very nice look looking and the interface is great, it is slow and seconds between clicks makes it much less of a product from teh original. This version is much better looking but they really need to get back to teh speed of the original version.

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