VividNet Review

VividNet Review.  VividNet private duty software Review.

At one point in time this was hands down our favorite solution. Online, elegant, easy. It was some kind of expensive but it could do everything. We held off on this because of a ripple of issues the product had at launch and after the company ended up selling to HSS Global we felt the time might be right. We held off after speaking with Strat!s and wanted to see there new version and now we are between Generations (need to see more), Strat!s (wish it was hosted for me but great), and now ADLware. Depending on how there beta goes that may be our solution… What does this have to do with VividNet… Well nothing. SanData just purchased then from HSS Global and has promptly discontinued its sale. Oh well.. we pay one last tribute to a great system too early for its time.

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